New areas of ancient Rome restored to the public

5 December 2018

Some parts of the Roman Forum and the Palatine can be visited today for the first time ever, thanks to the exhibition Roma Universalis. The Empire and the Dynasty from Africa. The occasion of the exhibition made it possible to valorise and open up some sectors of the archaeological area, clearly revealing the work of architectural restoration commissioned by the Severan emperors following the terrible fire of 192 AD. In the Roman Forum it is now possible to visit a stretch of the “Vicus ad Carinas”, the street that connected the Forum with the Carinae district on the Esquiline Hill, today offering a wonderful view of the Templum Pacis. On the Palatine visitors can view the so-called “Baths of Elagabalus”, recently brought to light and enhanced by scrupulous restoration. The route across the Palatine continues as far as the ancient Stadium with the reopening of the Hall of the Capitals, well known for its extraordinary stucco coffered ceiling, whose exquisite sculptural fragments have been restored for the occasion.+