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17 December 2018

The Parco archeologico del Colosseo covers an area of ​​some 77 hectares (190 acres) which received seven million visitors in 2017. It is one of the most visited sites worldwide and the leading site in Italy.

The park preserves the most important archaeological records of Western civilization, ranging from the second millennium BCE to contemporary times. It is, therefore, an extraordinary testimony to Italian cultural history, providing a precise frame of reference for all those who are fascinated by the emotions that Italy is still capable of stirring. With these premises, the Park has a very special responsibility, as it has to be capable of understanding and satisfying the needs of a very mixed international public, while providing outstanding services with immediate and engaging instruments of communication, with initiatives capable of creating emotions and leading our visitors by the hand on a fascinating journey through time.

It is not just an archaeological park that preserves its monuments, but an inclusive place, open to all cultural excellences and to contemporary creativity, which engages in a dialogue with institutions, schools, civil society – in short, with the world. Tending in the same direction, among the overriding objectives that the Parco archeologico del Colosseo pursues with its program of initiatives is restoring its ties with the city, to be perceived as the beating heart of Rome, a “place of the soul” for its inhabitants, who will be able to reappropriate their memory and those identitarian values ​​that the central area of ​​Rome expresses.

It does all this, starting from the daily care of the Park planned in the long term to preserve and enhance its extraordinary monuments, without which any activity to foster its value would be impossible.

To ensure this planning is successful, teamwork is fundamental, requiring the participation of all the staff of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo and, therefore, the technical and administrative personnel and in particular those engaged in reception and supervision, who play an essential role in relations with the public.

With its new website in Italian and English, the Park creates a more direct line of communication with its current and potential public, conveying its complex and highly articulated reality with a more immediate and effective approach.


The Director

Alfonsina Russo