PArCo Thursdays in the Curia Iulia — eighth date with “Adriano. Roma e Atene”

14 May 2019

Eighth date in the Curia Iulia in the Roman Forum


Thursday 16 May 2019 marks the eighth date in the PArCo Thursdays series: the cycle of conferences scheduled Thursday afternoons in the beautiful location of the Curia Iulia.

At 16:30, Andrea Augenti will present the book Adriano. Roma e Atene (published by Utet) by authors Andrea Carandini and Emanuele Papi. The book’s pages examine the figure of the emperor Hadrian — lover of music and poetry, philosopher, patron of the arts and even astrologer — who left his mark between Rome and Athens in his untiring pursuit of building projects that would profoundly alter the face of the Roman world.

This initiative, promoted by the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, confirms the monumental Curia Iulia as an active cultural space conceived as a forum for public debates and discussions. The space is dedicated not only to book presentations and discussions between scholars and other important cultural figures, but also to talks on current exhibitions and announcements of upcoming events, all of which provides a multitude of occasions to reinforce the bond between Rome and its archaeological heritage and affirm the strategy that the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, directed by Alfonsina Russo, is actively pursuing.

The first event in the series was held on 14 February with Aldo Schiavone, professor of institutions of Roman law, who spoke on the topic, “The dynasty of the Severi and its jurists: how the Western state was born”. On 21 February, our second speaker was Francesca Ghedini, professor emeritus of classical archaeology at the University of Padua, with her presentation, “Women and power: Julia Domna”. The third date in the series was on 7 March with Luisa Musso, professor of archaeology of the Roman provinces at the University of Roma Tre, and Matthis Bruno, archaeologist, who gave a more in-depth look at the exhibition Roma Universalis. L’impero e la dinastia venuta dall’Africa. With their presentation “The emperor and the city: the urban renewal of Leptis Magna at the time of Septimius Severus,” the two scholars illustrated the close bonds between the Severan dynasty and the city of Leptis Magna, describing the results of the recent excavations conducted in Libya.

On Thursday, 14 March, on the occasion of National Landscape Day, Rossella Rea, archaeologist and director of studies at the Templum Pacis, and Riccardo Santangeli Valenzani, professor of medieval archaeology and urban archaeology at the University of Roma Tre, spoke about the marble property map created under Septimius Severus, illustrating the transformations that the urban landscape has undergone from the time of ancient Rome up to the modern era, in their presentation, “The Temple of Peace: transformation of the urban landscape from the Forma Urbis to the modern age”.

Thursday, 28 March marked the fifth date in the series and our guest for the occasion was Moncef Ben Moussa, former director of the Bardo National Museum and current director of museographic development at the Institut National du Patrimonie de Tunis, who shared an in-depth insight into Tunisian museum politics.

The sixth conference, especially important for the PArCo, was held by Adriana Fresina, superintendent of the seas for the region of Sicily, who commemorated Sebastiano Tusa by illustrating to the public some of the renowned archaeologist’s most important discoveries, including the discovery of the ships beneath the waters of the Aegadian Islands. Tusa’s recent and unexpected passing came as a profound loss for the cultural sector.

The seventh date in the PArCo Thursdays series was held on Thursday, 18 April. Our guest for the occasion was Paolo Sommella, member of the Accademia dei Lincei and professor emeritus of ancient topography at the university “La Sapienza”, who spoke about the crucial moment of transition between papal Rome and Rome the capital of the new Italian state, seen through the presence of the politicians, artists and scholars who frequented the literary parlor of Ersilia Caetani Lovatelli. Archaeologist and scholar of history and Roman antiquisties, Caetani Lovatelli was also the first woman to be elected member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (1879).


The PArCo Thursdays schedule will continue as follows:

23 May


Cultural Heritage. Fiscal considerations, patronage, circulation

With Sandra Gatti and Maurizio Fiorilli


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Free entry to all conferences subject to availability (100 seats, 30 standing). Entry via Largo della Salara Vecchia.