The Moon over the Colosseum – The Gladiator’s Dream. The new night-time tour through the Flavian Amphitheater

20 May 2019

From Monday 20 May to 6 January 2020, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo is pleased to offer the public a new tour through the Colosseum which in years past has allowed visitors to discover the Flavian Amphitheater by the light of the moon, thanks to the contributions of the artists’ collective Studio Azzurro.

Evocative multimedia presentations with the actual figures who took part in the pomp and spectacle of the Colosseum will be featured throughout the monument’s arches and corridors, providing a fascinating counterpoint of first-hand stories sure to bring the human aspect of the gladiator games to life. Visitors will meet Martial, Cassius Dio, St. Augustine and Artemidorus, all sharing the images and emotions born in the amphitheatre among the glow of torches and the sound of cymbals clashing and battles raging.

Thanks to an immersive tour set equally between the real world and the dream world, visitors will be offered an emotional experience that will allow them to enter into the monument’s history: moving from the Valadier Terrace to the first floor down into the underground levels, our tour guides will help visitors discover the secrets of this complex entertainment machine.

Through a gladiator’s words, and through the dream-visions received on the eve of combat, visitors will experience the conflicting feelings, the memory of past feats, and the thoughts of loved ones that all characterized the wait before entering the arena.

The tour enriches the offering of in-depth multimedia experiences already available in the Parco, joining those of the Domus Aurea and of the SUPER sites within the Roman Forum and the Palatine. The digital recreations of The Gladiator’s Dream are linked to a new interpretation of historical, archaeological and iconographic sources, in a narrative simulation aimed at helping visitors imagine stories and situations which could have very well taken place within the Colosseum.

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