Vestal Virgin statue from the Parco archeologico del Colosseo on loan to the Villas of Tivoli for “Eve vs. Eve”. Palatine Museum collection rotated with a new Vestal from the PArCo vaults

10 May 2019

Eve vs. Eve The dual symbolism of the feminine in the western imagination, the show organized by the Villas of Tivoli in collaboration with the Museo Nazionale Romano and the Parco archeologico di Pompei, opens today, 10 May, at the Istituto di Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este in Tivoli.

The Parco archeologico del Colosseo is taking part in the event by loaning out a statue of a Vestal Virgin from the Palatine Museum. The statue, discovered in the Atrium Vestae in the late 1800’s, is normally on display in Room VI on the first floor of the museum. In its place the Palatine Museum will be enriching its collection with the unveiling of another Vestal statue, previously conserved in the PArCo’s vaults. The statue has a particular connection with the city of Tivoli, having recently been on display there for the exhibition dedicated to Cossinia, a Vestal Virgin of the equestrian order whose tomb, one of its kind in the Roman world, is located in the same city. The PArCo’s loan continues in the fine tradition of promoting items held in museum vaults, as does a special agreement reached several weeks ago: after 300 years, the Museo archeologico di Napoli has agreed to return a series of frescoes from the Domus Transitoria to the Palatine Museum. Detached from the site in the 18th century, the frescoes have been kept in storage at the Neapolitan museum since their removal.

“The rotation of museum collections, aside from being our legal duty, makes a museum a more vital, dynamic and active place”, said Alfonsina Russo, in her dual role as director of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo and interim director of the Parco archeologico di Pompei. “Even a loan, which in fact creates a gap in a museum’s collection”, continued Alfonsina Russo, “can be an occasion to unveil a new piece of the immense holdings kept in storage which, for lack of space or funding, aren’t always put on display. In this respect, the teamwork of the museum staff and of the exhibitions office has been fundamental. Federica Rinaldi, Alessandro D’Alessio and Roberta Alteri seized this opportunity to take advantage of the PArCo’s collection and have given visitors the chance to get to know a new piece of our collection for a limited time—a piece which, moreover, is intimately connected to the city hosting the exhibition”.

Visitors can see the Vestal at the Palatine Museum from 10 May to 1 November 2019. The story of the Vestal Virgins and of Cossinia will be told on the PArCo’s website and on the social platforms Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @parcocolosseo.

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