Dies Natalis Augusti – Happy Birthday Augustus!

18 September 2019

On Monday 23 September, the PArCo is offering free entry in celebration of the Dies Natalis of the emperor Augustus, who was born on the Palatine Hill on 23 September 63 BC. In honor of the festivity, the PArCo has decided to keep the following SUPER sites open and free of charge for the duration of the PArCo’s opening hours: Palatine Museum, House of Augustus, House of Livia and Aula Isiaca, where visitors can admire some of the most important masterpieces of Augustan Age art. The sites will remain open from 9:00 to 17:30, but only a limited number of visitors will be allowed entry at any given time.

The Palatine Museum houses the enigmatic statues of the Danaïdes in nero antico marble and the splendid polychrome terra cotta panels that decorated the Apollo Palatinus temple complex, inaugurated by the first emperor in 28 BC; visitors can furthermore find two exceptional sculptures in Greek marble of wings outstretched in flight, possibly originating from a statue of the goddess Victory, found in the course of recent excavations and most likely dating to the Augustan age. Directly connected to the temple of Apollo is the House of Augustus, which preserves some extremely refined wall paintings, including the famous “study” of the emperor. Equally interesting are the wall paintings in the House of Livia, belonging to the emperor’s wife, and those of the so-called Aula Isiaca: the fascinating wall paintings with Egyptian-inspired motifs, linked to the cult of the goddess Isis, likely belonged to a wealthy Augustan age residence.

The Augustan sites on the Palatine, together with the exceptional pieces on display in the Palatine Museum, can also be admired online, in the section “Mirabilia” of our website: www.parcocolosseo.it/mirabilia/


Free entry is valid for the entire day from 8:30 to 19:00. Ticket booths close at 18:00.

Other upcoming free entry days: Friday 4 October Day of peace and dialogue between members of different cultures and religions; Monday 4 November National Unity Day; Thursday 21 November World Philosophy Day; Wednesday 18 December International Migrants Day.

The following sites, normally open on Mondays, will be closed to the public: Neronian Cryptoporticus, Domus Transitoria, Santa Maria Antiqua and the Oratory of the Forty Martyrs. Access to the Colosseum’s II order will be limited with the closure of the permanent exhibition “Il Colosseo si racconta”.