#iorestoacasa — The Parco archeologico del Colosseo and the MiBACT take up the appeal made by the “I’m staying home” campaign

10 March 2020

Starting on Saturday, 8 March, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo joins the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in adhering to the #iorestoacasa (#imstayinghome) campaign.

Every day, seven days a week, the social media channels of the Parco will take the public on a tour of the monuments, artifacts and masterpieces that make up our vast cultural heritage, opening our doors virtually to the whole world.

At such a delicate moment for our country, at a time when our habits and priorities are changing, the safeguarding and promotion of our cultural heritage can also become a tool to improve public health and wellbeing: by restricting all unnecessary movements, we can use culture to turn this waiting period into a time of growth and discovery.

Last Sunday, the Parco opened new themed itineraries, including those dedicated to female figures, the Grand Tour, accessibility and health, among others. We want to reappropriate these spaces, giving them new life through music and families making new memories together. For those who haven’t yet been able to see the show, “Carthago. The immortal myth”, the series of interviews with its curators will continue, illustrating each of the diverse sections of the exhibition.

Like every one of the Parco’s projects, this will be the result of teamwork, carried out in collaboration with professionals, corporations and associations of all sorts, all involved in the institute’s activities, together with the most important collaborators of all: the visitors who pass through our doors every day, and who we’ll continue to welcome even now that they’re at home.