Online closing of the exhibition “Carthago. The immortal myth”

1 April 2020

On 29 March, the exhibition “Carthago. The immortal myth”, promoted by the Parco archeologico del Colosseo with the organization of Electa, officially drew to a close.

In response to the nationwide closure of cultural sites on March 8th, we’ve increased the online content available on and across the @parcocolosseo social media accounts, with the aim of making our cultural treasures easily available at home for the over two million visitors normally welcomed at the PArCo.

To conclude this great adventure, which brought Rome and Carthage back to the center of the historical debate, a closing celebration  was held online on 29 March 2020: a new experience for the PArCo and for the 36 museum institutions involved, with an introductory video  from the Director of the PArCo, Alfonsina Russo, sending a heartfelt message of thanks to who all those who took part in the exhibition.

The Facebook event — broadcast all day on 29 March, and set to be rebroadcast for the next two weeks — invited viewers to take a look back at the exhibition through a photo gallery, an extensive selection of the material on display and the”Carthago Diaries“video series, featuring interviews with the show’s curators and behind the scenes footage from the inauguration on. The broadcast concluded with pictures from the “Aleph” and “Tiles of history” workshops, organized by CoopCulture. All of the exhibition’s lending institutions were invited and took part in the event, represented by their materials, by their directors and curators and by the couriers who helped transport their treasures, in one big online celebration that once again brought the entire Mediterranean together.

The event itself and all the content shared in the “Discussion” will be available online and accessible to the public, giving anyone who wasn’t able to visit the exhibition the chance to get to know its materials as well as the institutions and professionals involved in making it possible.

Click here to view the event.