Daniele Silvestri in the Domus Aurea for the third episode of the web series “Star Walks. When the PArCo meets music”

25 May 2020

Tune in for the third episode of the web series Star Walks — When the PArCo meets music, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo’s project in media partnership with Rai Radio2 to bring music into the heart of Rome’s central archaeological area.

This time, the show welcomes singer-songwriter Daniele Silvestri on a brand-new path through the heart of the Domus Aurea, accompanied by Radio2 journalist and music critic Gino Castaldo, and with archaeologist Alessandro D’Alessio.

The episode, entitled “La Domus sotto i piedi”, airs on the PArCo YouTube channel on Sunday 24 May at 18:00, and will then be posted on the @parcocolosseo and Rai Radio2 social media accounts with bonus backstage footage and other special content.

This star walk is inspired by the singer-songwriter’s need to find — with the same ambition that characterized the Emperor Nero’s own search for a new home — a “recording studio worthy of him!”: Daniele Silvestri walks through the pavilion of Nero’s palace still standing on the Oppian Hill, passing from one room to the next throughout the more than 150 rooms that make up this section of the Domus Aurea, concluding his visit in the spectacular octagonal room.

Together with Rai Radio2, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo reaches out once again to its fellow citizens, with only a few days to go before reopening its doors to the public.

The importance of the union between the various disciplines that make up the cultural sector is at the base of some more exciting news: while the second series of Star Walks is still in development, on 24 May the PArCo is opening its new Spotify profile. The first users will find the StarWalks” playlist with the songs played thus far by the guests of the web series, as well as thematic playlists, certain to be enriched over time with the participation of visitors, who will be able to enjoy an ever-growing musical selection.