European Archaeology Days 19-21 June 2020

18 June 2020

After the resounding success of last edition, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo is participating once again in the European Archaeology Days, promoted by the Inrap (Institut national de recherches archéologiques preventives) in France. The goal of this second edition, underway from 19 to 21 June in digital form, is to bring the public closer to the various activities in progress in the PArCo.

A series of videos will acquaint viewers with the numerous restorations carried out in the PArCo, guided by archaeologists, restorers and architects, in a journey through our protected archaeological and architectural heritage.

Starting with the restorations of the Temple of Vesta, Trajan’s Column and the Arch of Titus, the PArCo is featuring a sneak preview of the bilingual video documenting the recently concluded restoration of the so-called “Lady of Carthage” mosaic, on loan from the National Museum of Carthage for the exhibition, “Carthago. The immortal myth”, held from 2019 to early 2020. PArCo restorers will guide us through the delicate phases of the operation on this precious Late Antique work of art representative of the flourishing of figurative culture in newly reconquered 6th century Byzantine Africa.

In addition, the PArCo Education and Training Services, always hard at work promoting and leading new activities, has increased the amount of long-distance edutainment material, and will take the opportunity to present a selection of new online games: just a sample of the vast catalogue available on the Education page.

In occasion of the European Archaeology Days, and as part of our Accessibility for All mission, the PArCo will also present a preview of the new free app that will be available from the coming fall as a companion for visitors exploring the PArCo and its treasures. The new app, with text and video clips in 9 languages, audio guides in Italian and English, video guides in LIS and ASL sign language, audio descriptions for the visually impaired and special contents for kids in Italian and English, will welcome the public in a visit to the PArCo for everyone.

To follow the PArCo’S digital activities for the European Archaeology Days, just connect to the dedicated #Archeorama platform: