Nights at the Parco archeologico del Colosseo: The Moon over the Colosseum and the sunsets at the House of the Vestals

14 July 2021

New routes for the night openings of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo.

The series of guided tours The Moon over the Colosseum starts again with a completely renewed edition and, for the first time, it will be possible to visit the House of the Vestals in the Roman Forum illuminated by the lights of the sunset. These are the summer initiatives promoted by the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, starting from this week.

La luna al Colosseo

From Saturday 17 July, until the 30 October 2021, The Moon over the Colosseum will be back, in collaboration with Electa, starting at 8.10 pm and for groups of maximum 20 people. An annual appointment of great success that is constantly renewed, for this edition the Moon over the Colosseum focuses on the discovery of the underground levels. The new and evocative itinerary is made possible by the recent restoration of the entire surface of the spaces that housed beasts, gladiators and stage sets.


The itinerary unfolds the story of the topography of the valley where the Colosseum was built while, crossing the area of the underground levels, we discover the materials with which the amphitheatre was built, allowing it to overcome the passage of time, the functionalities and the rules that made it an extraordinary spectacle machine. The tour continues along the corridor around the arena level, passing in front of the Aedicule of the Way of the Cross, reconstructed with the original 19th-century fragments, and ends on the arena level itself, with an extraordinary view of the underground levels and a 360° view of the immensity of the seating areas, which held more than 60,000 spectators, outlined in the night by the lights and shadows of the hollows of the arches.

Casa delle vestali tramonto 2Unprecedented and not to be missed is the evening opening of the House of the Vestals. From tonight starting at 7.20 p.m. for groups of a maximum of 20 people, and for the following.

Wednesdays in July (21 and 28), entering the Roman Forum from the entrance of the Arch of Titus and walking along the Via Sacra to reach the House of the Vestals under the colours of dusk. 


This exceptional opening is also  possible thanks to the completion of conservation work with the setting up of the rooms of the house of the virgin priestesses, in charge of guarding the sacred hearth of the city. The spaces that can now be visited – among which is the room with the lava stone millstone, interpreted immediately after its discovery as the room in which the priestesses of Vesta made mola salsa, a sacred flatbread for the rites they officiated at – surround the courtyard of the complex where the circular temple that guarded the sacred fire stands.