The Documentaries of the PArCo. Depositi inVisibili (“InVisible Deposits”)

15 November 2021

Depositi inVisibili (InVisible Deposits) is a reportage entirely produced by the Parco archeologico del Colosseo dedicated to the narration of the collections preserved in the more than one hundred warehouses and deposits distributed between Domus Aurea, Palatine and Colosseum.

An immense heritage of artefacts that has now become, thanks to the idea and curatorship of the archaeologists Federica Rinaldi and Roberta Alteri, a long narration on the Facebook page and Youtube channel of the PArCo: 4 episodes in which archaeologists, architects, and restorers give voice to the mobile artefacts revealing the stories hidden behind them and finally making them visible and accessible to all.

The first episode – scheduled for broadcast on Saturday 13 November – is dedicated to the Domus Aurea and the artefacts restored and displayed in the new route opened to the public last June 2021. Amazons, Muses and capitals find new life in the halls of Nero’s palace, brought to life by lights that enhance the recent restoration work.

The second part of the series – scheduled for Saturday 27 November – is dedicated to the materials from the “historical” excavations carried out on the Palatine Hill since the nineteenth century by leading figures in Roman and Italian archaeology such as Pietro Rosa, Rodolfo Lanciani, Giacomo Boni and Alfonso Bartoli: a tour through the deposits of the House of Augustus and more, which preserve the finds from the excavations of the imperial palaces on the Palatine.

The third episode – which will be available on Saturday 4 December – explores some contexts of exceptional interest, the result of recent archaeological investigations on the Palatine: the excavation of the north-eastern slopes of the Palatine, in collaboration with the Sapienza University of Rome under the direction of Prof. Clementina Panella, with the extraordinary portraits reused in the foundations of late antique structures in the so-called Baths of Elagabalus, and the ongoing excavation of the Domus Tiberiana, conducted by the PArCo at the same time as the restoration work on the monument.

The fourth episode – which concludes the reportage on Saturday 18 December – finally leads to the heart of the Flavian Amphitheatre to discover the extraordinary patrimony of movable artefacts kept in the warehouses and deposits scattered along the tour route, a snapshot of the monument’s two-thousand-year history – from the glories of the gladiator shows, to its ruin in the dark centuries of the Middle Ages, to the archaeological rediscovery of the last two centuries, up to the current research, cataloguing, conservation, and maintenance activities.

The documentary, which includes images and interviews, is part of a broader project for the protection and enhancement of the collections held in the storerooms and deposits of Italian museums, a project strongly supported by the Ministry of Culture and by the Director General of Museums, Prof. Massimo Osanna, from the moment he took up his directorship – states Alfonsina Russo, Director of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo. The scrupulous and passionate work that the Catalogue Service and the staff of the PArCo carry out every day is revealed to the public, both real and digital, in a long story in four episodes that makes the process of conservation, cataloguing, study, restoration and musealisation of the movable heritage accessible to all. The reportage, which has kept the PArCo officers, technical assistants and custodial staff busy for the whole of 2021 – continues the Director – aims to strengthen the public’s bond with the cultural heritage of the PArCo sites, while waiting for the finds that are normally not visible, because they are kept in the storerooms, to be given a new life in the future displays that are planned, as part of the Museo Diffuso (Widespread Museum) programme and as was done last summer with the materials returned to the House of the Vestals – concludes the Director.


Online on PArCo’s Facebook page and on PArCo’s YouTube channel

First episode: Domus Aurea, Saturday, 13 November 2021, 9 p.m.
Second episode: The Palatine. The “historical” excavations Saturday, 27 November 2021, 9 p.m.
Third episode: The Palatine. The research excavations, Saturday, 4 December 2021, 9 p.m.
Fourth episode: The Colosseum, Saturday, 18 December 2021, 9 p.m.




Watch the first episode, THE DOMUS AUREA








#1 Depositi inVisibili: The Domus Aurea

Federica Rinaldi, archaeological officer responsible for the Colosseum
Elisabetta Segala, archaeological officer, Domus Aurea working group
Roberta Alteri, archaeological officer responsible for the Exhibitions, deposits and movable property office
Francesca Guarneri, archaeological officer responsible for the Domus Aurea
Maria Bartoli, restoration officer responsible for the Restoration office
Antonio Iaccarino Idelson, Restorer of Equilibrarte Srl
Alfonsina Russo, Director of the PArCo

#2 Depositi inVisibili: The Palatine. The “historical” excavations 

Federica Rinaldi, archaeological officer responsible for the Colosseum
Francesca Boldrighini, archaeological officer
Roberta Alteri, archaeological officer responsible for the Exhibitions, deposits and movable property office

#3 Depositi inVisibili: The Palatine. The research excavations

Federica Rinaldi, archaeological officer responsible for the Colosseum
Giulia Giovanetti, archaeological officer
Fulvio Coletti, technical assistant – archaeologist

#4 Depositi inVisibili: The Colosseum

Federica Rinaldi, archaeological officer responsible for the Colosseum
Valentina Mastrodonato, technical assistant – archaeologist
Barbara Nazzaro, architectural officer, technical manager of the Colosseum
Elisa Cella, archaeological officer
Angelica Pujia, restoration officer

Contributors to the production of the episodes

Valentina Mastrodonato, technical assistant – archaeologist
Simona Murrone, technical assistant – restorer
Giovanni Pellegrini Raho, technical assistant

User, reception and surveillance assistants:
Cinzia Corrias, Paola Curatola, Mariagrazia D’Alessandro, Bruno Ferri, Mario Mecucci, Daniela Ottaviani, Stefania Pagliaricci, Stefania Pecci,
Elisa Pietrolungo, Lucia Rieti, Anna Ricci, Stefano Ricci