Progetto TRAME. Gli studenti al Colosseo nel segno del multiculturalismo antico e moderno.

4 June 2022

The TRAME – Traces of Memory project, funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus Plus Program, enters its final phase: from June 2 to 8, more than 70 students from Turkey, Serbia and Hungary who will be welcomed by Albertelli High School students inside the Roman Forum, and the Curia. The theme of the works is the presence of foreigners in Rome in ancient and present times. A photo contest, storytelling and written narratives, exhibition design and creation of original music, and guided tours of the Forum and the city to places frequented by foreign communities in the past and present are planned.

In fact, the main theme of the TRAME project, (TRAces of MEmory – TRAces of MEmories), which PArCo has been working on as coordinator since September 2020, is the history of ancient – and modern – migrations and the traces they have left and are leaving in monuments but also in different cultures, traditions and ways of life. The main target audience of the project is precisely high school children, who, over the past two years, have actively participated in the project through debates, discussions, research work, study and collection of information on European migrations, contact with “the other” and the importance of cultural contamination. The students also participated to visits to important archaeological sites, meetings with artists and writers, and at the end of each activity they made very original creations: from graphic novels to theater, from storytelling to Power Point, from video making to mini-film making. We are now waiting for them in Rome, which is the final stage of their work with TRAME.

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