The Education, Teaching and Training Service of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo carries out educational and training work and fosters a knowledge of the cultural heritage, with a series of activities resting on the relation between the archaeological monuments and the public.

The main objective is to stir the public’s expectations, producing an educational impact on the region and winning back the younger public, both as students in full-time education and children in families who can use the spaces of the Forum, the Palatine and the Colosseum as places for leisure and learning about the memory of the past. Our main purpose is to produce culture by recounting the history, people and events associated with a site that over the span of two millennia has been the cradle of our civilisation.

In line with the founding idea of a Park accessible to all, the educational services will also provide specific routes for the public with disabilities, looking carefully at the needs of visually impaired visitors (whether of school age or adults), the deaf community and visitors with psychic and cognitive disabilities, in the firm conviction that culture, common goods and beauty in the broadest sense can be instructive while bringing psychological benefits.

Discover the offering of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo


The Park’s Educational Services offer, free of charge, thematic and learning paths for schools in its educational offering planned for each school year.

Specific learning projects with playful and recreational activities for kindergartens and primary schools. Activities planned for 2019.

Projects Combining School and Work

Intended for: Middle Schools and High Schools


for each school year the Parco archeologico del Colosseo offers Middle and High Schools educational projects on topics related to the archaeology, monuments, history and art of the Park. The aim is to make students active citizens and participants in the life and management of the cultural heritage. Each activity involves the production of educational materials, the creation in hard copy and multimedia format of the products of each project and, at the end, the presentation of the activities carried out.

ASL projects for the 2017-2018 school year

Educational activities: fee payable



Routes and itineraries designed for the needs of the whole family

Integrated cultural and recreational activities using manual work or play to encourage learning one or more aspects of Roman culture. Start of activities in 2019

Special projects: organisation of events and days devoted to families, promoting the knowledge of certain monuments or a specific itinerary (for example F@MU, the National Day of “Families at the Museum”).



The Park has activated the Job Soul platform (, the Park’s accreditation position in agreement with Università “La Sapienza” in Rome to host curricular, training and orientation courses. The training project will be agreed in each case with the tutor of the Institute and the university tutor.

Activation of joint projects with universities and research institutions.