A day on the job at the Colosseum — Facebook marathon

Online event

18 November 2020



On 18 November, the PArCo will guide our visitors through one of the worksites active inside the Colosseum, situated inside the inner archway of the Porta Triumphalis, where a wall painting of the city of Jerusalem was recently restored.

The site’s specialists will be available to lead viewers through all aspects of the project: from their study of historical and archival data to the photogrammetric surveys taken, from their analysis of the mortars and pigments used to an art historical study of the site. The day-long online marathon will be the team’s collective account of their last day on the job, as they bring the guests at home into the heart of the worksite’s day-to-day life and share with us the “tricks of the trade” in the final hours leading up to the project’s completion.