BEYOND the center. The Parco archeologico del Colosseo meets the city’s museums. New conference series in the Curia Iulia for PArCo Thursdays.

PArCo outside the PArCo

7 November 2019 - 12 December 2019

Curia Iulia, Roman Forum



All the encounters are held on Thursday afternoon, starting at 16.30
Admission free while places last (seating for 100 and standing room for 30)

How to get here
Curia Iulia at the Roman Forum
Metro station Colosseo, Via dei Fori Imperiali near Largo Corrado Ricci

Curated by Giulia Giovanetti and Federica Rinaldi


Beginning Thursday 7 November in the Curia Iulia in the Roman Forum, visitors are invited to the new conference series OLTRE il centro. Il Parco archeologico del Colosseo incontra i musei della città (BEYOND the center. The Parco archeologico del Colosseo meets the city’s museums) — designed by Giulia Giovanetti and Federica Rinaldi — which aims to promote the PArCo as meeting place between city center and greater urban area and as a space to tell the stories of the city’s museums.

The series comes as part of the “PArCo outside the PArCo” project organized by the Communications Service, awarded the European Heritage Brand of the Year 2018-2019, with the objective of promoting the PArCo not only as a tourist attraction in the city’s monumental heart but also as a space of dialogue with the cultural realities that exist outside the PArCo and outside the city center.

With a focus on integration between city center and greater urban area, as well as sustainability through the creation of museum networks — explains Alfonsina Russo, Director of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo — the PArCo establishes itself as a meeting point and venue to share five stories of museum management and development spread throughout different areas all located within the City of Rome, in a journey through time and space, from prehistory and the archaic and late Republican periods, up to the imperial and medieval ages, including a museum with its roots in the tradition of the European plaster cast galleries.

The stories told throughout the conference series, representative of various institutions and juridical conditions, and which aim to cover various quadrants of the city, will introduce the public to exceptionally interesting sites and collections while at the same time reflecting on issues of management, strategy and engagement with a public which should be accompanied and guided when visiting these important cultural strongholds present throughout our city.



7.11.     Il Museo di Casal dei PazziPatrizia Gioia (Roma Capitale — Capitoline Superintendence of Cultural Heritage)

14.11.  L’Antiquarium di Lucrezia Romana Daniela Porro (Rome Special Superintendent)

21.11.  Il Museo archeologico della Villa romana dell’Auditorium Andrea Carandini (President of the FAI)

28.11. Museo dell’arte classica – GipsotecaMarcello Barbanera (President of the “Sapienza” University of Rome museum complex)

12.12. MuCiv – Museo delle CiviltàFilippo Maria Gambari (Museum Director, MiBACT)