Design for All ¬– The new app Y&Co – You and Colosseo

Online event

10 December 2020


Y&Co ­– You and Colosseo is the new app for Android and iOS, curated and promoted by the PArCo (Giulia Giovanetti, Paola Quaranta, Federica Rinaldi and Andrea Schiappelli) and created by Ruschena’s Projects. Y&Co is more than just an app: it’s a visit to the PArCo that users can experience on site or remotely, with audio-video guides in 9 languages, audio descriptions for the visually impaired in Italian and English, video guides in Italian Sign Language (LIS) and American Sign Language (ASL) and special content for kids in Italian and English with animations by Silvio Costa. The app will guide visitors through a journey of discovery of the PArCo’s archaeological heritage, from the Roman Forum to the Colosseum by way of the Palatine Hill and the Palatine Museum, all in the name of the Design for all philosophy. The app’s contents will also be accessible through the QR codes placed throughout the proposed itineraries.

Free for download in app stores starting in January, a preview of the app will be available on 10 December at 21:00 exclusively on the PArCo social media channels.