European Days of Archeology 2019

Special event

14 June 2019 - 16 June 2019

Palatine, Roman Forum


From 14 – 16 June, archaeology takes center stage all across Europe: coordinated by the INRAP (National Institute of Preventative  Archaeological Research) in France, the National Archaeology Days will be celebrated across the continent, and the Parco archeologico del Colosseo has answered the call!

Three days of events spread throughout the entire archaeological area will transform the Parco into a giant workshop of didactic and experimental activities, historical recreations, treasure hunts, exclusive guided tours and more, welcoming adults and children alike to an exciting journey back in time. A close encounter with history not to be missed!

The workstations, dispersed throughout the Roman Forum, along the tabernae of the Via Nova, around the House of Augustus and inside the imperial palaces on the Palatine, will give visitors a hands-on experience with the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the Palatine, in an itinerary that stretches from prehistory to the imperial age.

For children and adults: experimental archaeology demonstrations (featuring live recreation of prehistoric, protohistoric and Roman artifacts), historical recreations of hammered coin production and of the Roman army, in-depth looks at food and trade in the ancient Mediterranean, in addition to exclusive guided tours of the House of Scaurus at the Arch of Titus and the Horti Farnesiani rose garden, will all be free of charge and included in the ordinary admission ticket to the PArCo.

For kids (age 6-12): didactic workshops (Let’s build a Roman oil lamp and Roman frescoes) and treasure hunts are free of charge for the participant and his or her guardian; reservation is mandatory, subject to availability (maximum 15 kids; guests can book just one workshop).

Take a look at the schedule and make a date with history!

The event is in collaboration with Museo di Archeologia per Roma – APR; Cerealia – La festa dei cereali and Legio II Parthica Severiana Albana; Associazione Paleoes – EXTAD and Luca Bedini