For PArCo Thursdays — Presentation of “Beni Culturali. Fiscalità, mecenatismo, circolazione” by M. Fiorilli and S. Gatti

Book presentation

23 May 2019

Foro Romano - Curia Iulia, Roman Forum



Thursday 23 May 2019 will mark the ninth and final event for this season of PArCo Thursdays: the series of conferences held every Thursday afternoon in the beautiful location of the Curia Iulia.

At 16:30, Massimo Osanna and Giuseppe Albenzio will present the book Beni culturali. Fiscalità, mecenatismo, circolazione (Cultural heritage. Fiscal considerations, patronage, circulation) (published by Editoriale Scientifica) written by Maurizio Fiorilli and Sandra Gatti

Thanks to its monuments, its collections of artworks, its art cities and historical villages, the vestiges of ancient cultures left on its soil, Italy has been defined “an open-air museum”. However, the culpable negligence of citizens and politicians alike has left much of this treasure abandoned and dilapidated. The scarcity of public funds for the protection and promotion of public cultural assets and the progressive erosion of the fiscal benefits reserved for private cultural assets are the cause of their disrepair and the proof of their neglect. The conservation and accessibility of our nation’s cultural heritage are not only subject to international obligations, but they also have a substantial impact on economic growth. To tackle the subject of the fiscal considerations regarding cultural assets and their domestic and international circulation, the authors wished to provide an overview of the current legislation to allow readers to both evaluate its effectiveness and at the same time contribute to a change in legislative and administrative direction.

 23 maggio 2019 Invitation


This event was made possible in collaboration with Electa.