From Santa Maria Antiqua to Santa Maria Liberatrice and the Roman Forum

PArCo outside the PArCo

23 September 2018


On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2018, as part of “The Park outside the Park” project, the parishioners of the Church of Santa Maria Liberatrice were accompanied by the archaeologists of the Communication Service (Francesca Boldrighini, Elisa Cella, Giulia Giovanetti, Federica Rinaldi , Andra Schiappelli) and the officer responsible, Patrizia Fortini, to discover Santa Maria Antiqua. A series of visits revealed the close ties between the ancient church of Santa Maria Liberatrice in the Roman Forum, demolished to bring to light Santa Maria Antiqua, and the church also named Santa Maria Antiqua in the Testaccio district of Rome, its most recent descendant.