James Cosmo reads “Giano” by writer-poet Gabriele Tinti

Online event

9 January 2021

Roman Forum


James Cosmos reads “Giano”

Passages by the writer and poet Gabriele Tinti

Saturday 9 January at 21:00 on the PArCo’s Facebook page and YouTube channel

Video editing: Mario Cristofaro

Drone footage: ASSO

Music: Massimo Pupillo



In the Roman Forum, at the intersection of the Argiletum and the Via Sacra, in the area of the Curia-Comitium, there once stood a small, dual-doorwayed building that housed the oldest and most important shrine to Janus. The only image that we have of this sacellum has come down to us on a Neronian-age coin.

On 9 January, the Romans celebrated the first festival of the year – the Agonium – dedicated to Janus himself. Tinti’s verses take the form of brief epigraphs and Cosmo’s reading aims to evoke the rich symbolism of the god’s simulacrum, emblem of every passage and every beginning.

Cosmo’s reading is part of the series of “poetic walks” #CantidiPietra through the Roman Forum, Domus Aurea and Colosseum. View the complete playlist here: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9je-v4_ripdlzbVhYp5UuvLDkzpKiTAH>