Living on the Palatine — a walk through the PArCo

Online event

17 November 2020 - 19 January 2021



Every Wednesday, be our guest as we go in search of the homes — and inhabitants — that have occupied the Palatine Hill over the centuries. From the Archaic Age up until the 19th century, the hill on which Rome was born was in fact a predominantly “residential” area. The Palatine’s residential character culminated in the 1st century AD with the construction of the imperial palaces: these residences were so closely linked with the hill on which they stood that its Latin name, “Palatium”, is still used in many modern languages with the meaning of “residential building”.

Palazzo, palais, palace, Palast, palacio: different words that all reference a single definition of living, the origins and evolutions of which can be found and followed in the heart of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo.