“Songs of Stone at the Roman Forum” Stephen Fry reads Gabriele Tinti

Online event

17 December 2020


Our “Songs of stone” series continues with a cycle of poetry readings dedicated entirely to the Roman Forum.


Following readings by Michele Placido and Robert Davi, Stephen Fry will read “Saturn” by the writer-poet Gabriele Tinti, starting at 21:00 on Thursday 17 December on the Parco archeologico del Colosseo Facebook page and YouTube and IGTV channels.

The famous Roman Saturnalia festival, which shares several similarities with modern Christmas traditions (for example the custom of exchanging small gifts), was celebrated from 17 to 23 December and its starting date will now provide an opportunity to celebrate the god Saturn.

The Temple of Saturn, which was in fact dedicated on 17 December, represents one of the most ancient places of worship in the Roman Forum. It stands beside the Forum with its majestic columns on the slopes of the Campidoglio and was once the location of the Aerarium, the Roman state treasury. The monument’s remaining inscription notes a restoration project completed in the Imperial age, following a fire.