Terra Cordis. Sounds in the south of the world.


19 May 2018


On the occasion of Museums at Night, at the Basilica of Maxentius, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo played host to the rhythms of vibrant strings, wind instruments and breath, singing the traditions and musical innovations of the southernmost lands of Italy and the world. Lands scorched by the sun, swept by winds and washed by the seas. Giuliana De Donno’s harp paired with old and new traveling companions, entwining and remixing musical collaborations as in a magic potion. She began in a duo with the extraordinary singer Gabriella Aiello, herself the voice of Nando Citarella’s legendary Tamburi del Vesuvio. With his irreplaceable instruments, he accompanied the rhythms at the heart of the concert. Then there was Francesco Berrafato’s organ, Davide Ambrogio’s lyre, bagpipe and wind instruments, already companions and partners in the Musaica project, which joined in a journey studded with ancient stories of life, passions, wars, dreams and loves.