The Basilica Aemilia’s opus sectile — Facebook preview

25 November 2020

Roman Forum


On 25 November from 11:00 – 12:00, we’re presenting the special maintenance being done to protect the Late Antique (6th century AD) opus sectile in the Basilica Aemilia, restored in the 1900’s by Giacomo Boni.

This intervention is part of a more extended project that the Parco archeologico del Colosseo has been pursuing for the past two years consisting of the scheduled monitoring and maintenance of the array of mosaics and marble floors (opus sectile) scattered throughout the Roman Forum and Palatine areas. These consist of over 200 surfaces subject to foot traffic-induced wear and tear and/or damage caused by changing meteorological conditions, some of which are in precarious states of conservation. The multiannual project has planned for the mapping of all floor surfaces with the aid of a GIS (Geographic Information System) to archive and manage historical, archaeological and bibliographic information, as well as to translate the floors and their square meterage into digital cartography and to input all data related to daily inspections and conservational maintenance operations.