The Bridge of Dialogue. Sounds and songs between the shores of the Mediterranean


22 September 2018


On the occasion of the special opening of the Parco archeologico del Colosseo for the European Heritage Days, the Basilica of Maxentius hosted the musical event “The Bridge of Dialogue. Sounds and songs between the shores of the Mediterranean.”

Prominent for many years now on the Italian and international scene in world music and popular song, the multi-instrumentalist Stefano Saletti and the Italo-Turkish singer Yasemin Sannino, accompanied by the saxophonist Gabriele Coen and the percussionist Giovanni Lo Cascio, presented a journey in music and words that began in southern Italy and touched on the shores of other countries facing the Mediterranean. Like sailors in antiquity, the audience was taken on an imaginary voyage in search of the factors that unite and differentiate the peoples dwelling on the shores of Mare Nostrum.

The Mediterranean is a very ancient crossroads. For thousands of years everything flowed through it, complicating and enriching its history: wares, ships, ideas and ways of life. Here the three great monotheistic religions were born. From here Rome dominated the world by making its own the myths and customs that came from Greece and the East.