Guided Tours

The Moon over the Colosseum 2021 – Underground levels


The Parco archeologico del Colosseo resumes the guided tours “The Moon over the Colosseum” starting from July 17, with a new route through the underground levels specially illuminated to make even more exciting the itinerary in the heart of the machinery behind the gladiatorial games.


Where: Rome, Colosseum

Who: Individual visitors; groups of adults

When: Until 8th January, every Friday and Saturday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Themes: ancient history and archaeology

Duration: 60’

Number of participants: 20



€ 25,00 full
€ 22,00 reduced (groups/whole slot fixed price/MEMBERSHIP CARD holders)
€ 20,00 under 25
Complimentary for guide (only if accompanying the group)
The guided tour rates include the reservation fee.
The rates remain unchanged even for those who purchase their ticket on the day.

The night-time tour is dedicated to the new route through the underground levels, specially lit to make the journey through the heart of the gladiator show machine even more exciting.

The itinerary includes the following steps:

  • entrance from the Valadier gate on the square and welcome/departure from the North archway, once the main entrance of the emperors
  • stop at the entrance to the Porta Libitinaria to tell the story of the topography of the Colosseum valley
  • descent into the underground levels and story of their construction and operation
  • stop at the Fosso Labicano to learn more about the structure of the corridors and the so-called Darsene of the eastern manoeuvring chamber
  • the hoists and lifts
  • moonlight walk along the new walkway through the perimeter and straight corridors to the western manoeuvring chamber
  • ascent up the stairs under the Triumphal Gate
  • walk along the so-called “service gallery” and passage in front of the Aedicule of the Way of the Cross and Cross to learn about the post-ancient history and the rediscovery of the underground area from the 19th century onwards
  • Plan of the arena and account of the shows that took place here during the games offered by the emperors

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