The Park outside the Park

In May 2018 the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum launched the “Park outside the Park” project, which has been awarded the brand of the European Year of the Cultural Heritage (EYCH 2018).

The aim of the project, launched on the occasion of the “Digital Invasions” ( with an event dedicated to students, is to challenge the “paradox of the Colosseum” by promoting “the osmosis” of the archaeological area with the outside surroundings, giving rise to a virtuous circuit that will lead foreign visitors to discover the links between the monuments of the Park and the less well-known contexts of the area, so moving beyond hit-and-run tourism.

The “Park outside the Park” also aims to invite Rome’s citizens to rediscover and frequent the Park as an integral part of the city, an inclusive space for frequent and constantly renewed visits.

The relations between inside and outside promoted by the project are both virtual and real. The virtual connections are developed through the Web and the social profiles of the Park by the hashtag #parcofuoridalparco.

The physical relations are promoted by organizing small but frequent events capable of retaining new publics also through the use of a coach-archeobus (ParCOBUS) to be used to bring people who have difficulty of access and movement.

Within this broader program, the project is articulated around some main objectives:

  1. The Park as the revival and rebirth of the outside;
  2. The outside as a place of knowledge of the Park;
  3. The Park as a place of affection for Roman citizens;
  4. The Park as a learning space in playful form;
  5. The Park as an inclusive space for weak or marginalized social groups;
  6. The multicultural and multi-ethnic Park, a place of integration and cultural dialogue.

[Archive of events connected with the project]