The locations of the Park, rich in historical and archaeological splendours, become, from January 2019, a privileged setting for the development of “Park-in-Parco”: a cycle of activities for the rehabilitation of neurological diseases, developed within the broader project “Il Parco fuori dal Parco” (“Park out of the Park”), with which the Park aims at strengthening ties with the territory and encourage greater public involvement. To this end, based on a specific protocol agreement, a collaboration has been started with the Associazione Parkin Zone Onlus, called to design, care, and implement the various activities scheduled during the year.

“Park-in-Parco” plans the activation of free workshops of various artistic and physical disciplines, in order to provide patients with alternative opportunities for rehabilitation, in the unique scenario of the Park.

The activities on the calendar, presented to the public at the conference organised for Parkinson’s Day on November 24th, 2018, at Merulana Palace, are:

  • Theatre workshop
  • Movement and dance workshop (Dance Well)
  • Drum circle
  • Yoga workshop
  • Cycle of guided tours.

Park-in-PArCo (part of Salus per Artem program) is a project of the Education service with the Communication service.

Theatre workshop: theatre encourages the communicative and relational dimensions of the person, setting in motion body and action, voice and word. It strengthens skills and strategies, encouraging a conscious and integrated use of the body, breathing of sound emission, articulation of speech and discourse, the communicative act as a whole, understood as the ability to respond to a given circumstance. The motivation and group dynamics also facilitate individual transformative processes.

Movement and dance workshop: the movement and dance workshop focuses on the experience of the body. It promotes the awareness of the motor and cognitive processes that originate and accompany the action, offering tools for a functional reorganization of personal resources. During the activities, the participants exercise breathing, stretching, strengthening, coordination, balance. The activity stimulates perception, imagination, the ability to manage spatial and temporal information, memory, relationship, creating a pleasant context oriented to listening and discovery.

Drum circle: Drum Circle is an improvised and spontaneous orchestra of drums and percussions, a moment of rhythmic and musical sharing. An instructor coordinates the group of participants towards the achievement of a unique and common rhythm. The Drum Circle promotes listening and coordination, recognizing the role of each individual in the creation of a whole. It is a practice of collaboration, communication, celebration.

Yoga workshop: a qualified teacher will transmit to the participants the techniques of the ancient discipline of Hatha Yoga, based on a series of exercises originally developed in India and Tibet. The activities include experiences involving the body and the breath, constituting a psychophysical intervention that aims to rehabilitate people with Parkinson’s disease.

Cycle of guided tours: in addition to the artistic and physical activities, the archaeologists of the Park and the Association Parkin Zone Onlus will identify itineraries suitable for visitors and their companions, depending on the accessibility of the paths and the length of the itineraries.

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