The Temple of Romulus

The Roman Forum

Numerous conjectures have been advanced about the Temple of Romulus, but the best known is that the emperor Maxentius reused the building as a temple dedicated to his son, Valerius Romulus, who died in 309 and was deified. Several cycles of wall decorations appear in the rotunda. Dating from the middle of the 13th century are paintings imitating curtains or awnings that originally decorated the walls. In the niche on the left is Christ enthroned between St. Mary Magdalene and St. Mary Salome. To the left of the entrance is a funerary monument consisting of a tabernacle with at the centre the Madonna enthroned and Child between the Medici Saints. The painting is attributed to Jacopo Torriti and can be dated to the late 13th century.

During the exhibition the Temple of Romulus will be accessible to all visitors respecting a restricted number to ensure optimal fruition

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