Guidelines for a safe and enjoyable visit

Dear visitor, welcome to the Parco archeologico del Colosseo.


Following the natural boundaries of the ancient Palatine, Velian and Oppian Hills, and including the valley of the Forum and the Colosseum, the Parco covers a vast archaeological area which is mostly situated on uneven terrain. Many areas are accessible via historic walking paths which are often rocky, uneven and which include ancient steps that are not always level.


During your visit, you are kindly requested to pay careful attention to your footing along walking paths and to observe the following rules.


  • Areas closed to the public are off-limits to visitors
  • No walking or loitering outside of marked walking paths
  • No leaning over railings or banisters
  • No running
  • Appropriate footwear is advised (high heels and flip-flops are not recommended)
  • Children must be supervised and held by the hand at all times
  • Visitors are asked to respect designated walking paths
  • Please pay attention to the pavement along walking paths at all times
  • Visitors may only follow walking paths open to the public
  • Visitors are advised to exercise caution on uneven steps



Enjoy your visit

Veduta della Basilica di Massenzio
                  View of the Basilica of Maxentius from the Palatine