Opening Hours and tickets

A.R.T – Afternoon Reduced Ticket

***** The ticket A.R.T. will be available for purchase until August 31st *****

A.R.T. — Afternoon Reduced Ticket is the ticket for guests who want to spend an afternoon in the Parco archeologico del Colosseo, with access to the Roman Forum, the Palatine and the Colosseum arena floor, every day from 14:00 until closing at 19:15 (last admission at 18:15).

It’s the perfect ticket to enjoy the beauty of Rome’s central archeological area by visiting the PArCo at sunset, after work or after a morning spent elsewhere.

Plan your visit: book your admission time to the Colosseum and decide whether to visit the Roman Forum and Palatine before or after.

Available exclusively online, the A.R.T. grants a single scheduled entry to the Colosseum and a single non-scheduled entry (between the hours of 14:00 and 18:15) to the archeological area of the Roman Forum/Palatine, including entry to any temporary exhibitions in progress.

Visitors will have 5 itineraries to choose from, visible and available for download free of charge on the ParcoColosseo App: one through the Colosseum (once you enter the route is marked and there is no turning back), and four interchangeable paths through the Roman Forum and Palatine.

We advise guests to arrive at the entrance to the Colosseum 10 minutes prior to scheduled entry time. Entry to the Colosseum is not far from the Arch of Constantine, from the so-called “Stern Terrace”, facing the Caelian Hill. Admission to the Roman Forum and Palatine area is available at Via S. Gregorio entrance and at the Largo della Salara Vecchia entrance and visitors don’t need to schedule their entry time. Ticketholders will be able to visit the site depending on the area’s capacity and are free to visit it before or after their scheduled entry to the Colosseum.