Selections from “Pompei 79 d.C. Una storia romana”

Evento online

11 Novembre 2020



Every Wednesday at 21:00, we’ll see you with Electa on the PArCo social media platforms for “Pompei 79 d.C. Una storia romana”, the new exhibition on display on the second tier of the Colosseum until 31 January 2021.

Week after week, we’ll bring the public at home into the heart of the never before told story of the long-standing relationship between Rome and Pompeii, analyzing the complex dialogue that unites the two most famous sites in Italian archaeology. We’ll use weekly selections of videos, virtual projects and the exhibition’s nearly 100 pieces to tell the story that starts at the end of the Second Samnite War and proceeds from the phase of the two cities’ alliance, to the Roman colonial phase, to Pompeii’s decline and tragic end at the hands of the 79 AD eruption.

The exhibition, promoted by the Parco archeologico del Colosseo with the organization of Electa, was made possible in collaboration with the Parco archeologico di Pompei and with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. It was designed and curated by Mario Torelli, the great, recently deceased archaeologist to whom it is also dedicated.