Clavdio at the PArCo for the second episode of the web series “Star Walks: when the PArCo meets music”

5 May 2020

Everything’s set for the second episode of the web series “Star Walks: when the PArCo meets music”, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo’s latest project in media partnership with RAI Radio2.

After our first episode with Zen Circus in the Domus Augustana, Star Walks welcomes Roman singer-songwriter Clavdio this week, accompanied by RAI Radio2 announcer Pierluigi Ferrantini and PArCo archaeologist Andrea Schiappelli. The trio will take a walk along the Palatine Hill, starting from the ruins of the aqueduct responsible for bringing the Aqua Claudia into the imperial palaces, up to the palace of the emperors Tiberius and Claudius for a live session on the Horti Farnesiani terrace.

The vocal stylings of the renowned representative of Rome’s Alessandrino neighborhood are the perfect opportunity to reinforce the relationship between the PArCo and the rest of the city, and reflect on the bond between Rome and its inhabitants, united in unconditional love and daily hardships, between the majesty of the historic center and the intimacy of the suburban outskirts.

The episode “Io, Clavdio” will air on the PArCo YouTube channel next Friday, 8 May at 18:00, and will be rebroadcast later on the @parcocolosseo and Rai Radio2 social media accounts with special features and other bonus content.

The third episode is set for 22 May, with singer-songwriter Daniele Silvestri and the Domus Aurea.