In September, House of the Vestals at sunset

17 September 2021

Thursday 23 and 30 September 2021, starting at 6.30 p.m. for groups of a maximum of 20 people, entering the Roman Forum from the entrance of the Arch of Titus and walking along the Via Sacra to reach the House of the Vestals under the colours of dusk.

This exceptional opening is possible thanks to the completion of conservation work with the setting up of the rooms of the house of the virgin priestesses, in charge of guarding the sacred hearth of the city.
The spaces that can now be visited – among which is the room with the lava stone millstone, interpreted immediately after its discovery as the room in which the priestesses of Vesta made mola salsa, a sacred flatbread for the rites they officiated at – surround the courtyard of the complex where the circular temple that guarded the sacred fire stands.


Thursday 23 – 30 September 2021 

The visit is allowed to holders of a Membership card and to holders of a valid 24h Colosseum – Roman Forum – Palatine and Full Experience ticket (valid 48h), upon reservation at the cost of €1


Reservation is required for a maximum of 20 people per tour. Reserve here your ticket. / 06.39967700 (call centre open every day from 10.00 to 13.00)


6.45 pm – 7.00 pm – 7.10 – pm – 7.20 pm accompanied tours of the House of the Vestals

6.40 p.m. guided tour €5 + €1 booking (for Membership holders €4 discount)

For all tours the entrance is from the Arch of Titus