International Migrants Day — Literature, Cinema and Theater in the Parco archeologico del Colosseo

Special event

18 December 2019

Curia Iulia


Free entry to the Curia in the Roman Forum through the Largo della Salara Vecchia entrance (via dei Fori Imperiali) upon presentation of event invitation, subject to capacity (seating room for 100, standing room for 30)


For the upcoming free entry day instituted in celebration of International Migrants Day, the Parco archeologico del Colosseo in collaboration with Electa is proud to present a program featuring three different art forms to help raise public awareness on the issue of migrations and mobility of Mediterranean peoples.

Literature, cinema and theatre are at the center of an encounter scheduled to open with a projection of the short film Amira, by Luca Lepone, a love story that uses the lyricism of the cinematic image to provoke reflection on the close relationship between familiarity and prejudice.

Author Elena Stancanelli will be present to read a selection of passages from her novel Venne alla spiaggia un assassino, followed by a discussion. A ship’s log kept aboard a Mediterranean NGO ship, the novel shares its protagonist’s personal experiences in defending of the rights of every individual.

To conclude, actor Giuseppe Cederna will bring to life Odysseus, Mediterranean migrant par excellence, in the performance Odisseo il migrante, on the sense of the hospitality offered to the foreigner in the ancient world and on the most solid pledge of love.


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