Our shrubs: a smog-proof barrier

One of the initiatives that we’ve undertaken as part of PArCo Green is the creation of a “smog-proof barrier”, care of landscape architect Gabriella Strano.


On 21 November 2020, Italian Arbor Day, in an area of the PArCo that overlooks the Circus Maximus, we planted a shrubbery barrier composed of species renowned for their capabilities in absorbing airborne particles and eliminating the gaseous pollutants that pose a threat to the environment and to public health.


Our barrier operates in two complementary ways: indirectly, the shrubbery’s dense foliage creates a physical obstacle that modifies wind velocity and turbulence, influencing the concentration of atmospheric pollutants in the air; and directly, the shrubs’ single leaves remove particulate matter and gaseous pollutants through adsorption (leaf cuticles) and absorption (stomata), restoring cleaner air to the surrounding environs.


In total, 150 specimens were planted: 135 shrubs between 1.5 – 1.8 meters tall and 15 smaller plants; the latter were chosen to bring our younger guests closer to the delicate topic of vegetation and climate change: the small shrubs were supposed to have been planted by kids themselves, but this was unfortunately not possible given the ongoing pandemic. In the springtime we hope to be able to safely welcome kids and grown-ups back to the PArCo, where they’ll be able to participate in more activities like this.