The Park for All – Services

Nursery: the Park supports the “Born with Culture” project, a museum reception project devoted to the first year of children’s lives and to accompanying the role of parents.


Public restrooms and changing facilities: there are 8 restrooms, mainly located next to the entrances and exits. They are accessible to visitors with mobility disabilities. The tables for changing baby’s diapers are present in the restrooms located at the entrance to the Park on Via di S. Gregorio and near the exit on Via Foro Romano, on the SE corner of the Basilica Giulia.

A changing table and one restroom for visitors with mobility difficulties have been added to the 14 restrooms, present in the first tier of the Colosseum, a short distance from the entrance turnstiles.

Rest areas: inside the park there are some 70 benches, in some cases placed near drinking fountains (Vicus Argentarii/Tabularium; SE corner Basilica Julia; Horti Farnesiani; Palatine/Domus Augustana and southern path). There are 9 drinking fountains in the park, plus running water in the 8 public restrooms.

New parking areas are being laid out, placed in the shade and equipped with facilities, including information points for visitors with sensory disabilities. It is planned to double the number of benches.

At the Colosseum, on the second level, along the itinerary in the exhibition spaces for the Museo Colosseo and temporary exhibitions, there are 7 benches, while privileged rest areas are placed at viewing points in the Belvedere and at the Triumphalis and Libitinaria gates. Between the first and second levels 3 courtesy fountains are available, while small shelters for the public water supply and scholarly reconstructions of fountains from the Roman period are included in the Acea/Areti integrated project.

Vending machines for drinks and snacks are placed on the Via Nova, in the Horti Farnesiani and in the Stadium of the Domus Augustana. There are bottled water dispensers at the bookshops on the first and second levels of the Colosseum.

Golf carts: 3 electric golf carts are available in the Park to facilitate the movement of security personnel, both in carrying out daily checks and in dealing with emergencies.

Accessible entrances: the 3 main entry and exit points (Largo della Salara Vecchia, Arco di Tito and Via di S. Gregorio) are accessible to wheelchair users, as are the 3 entrances to the Flavian Amphitheatre (Colosseum) for individuals and groups along the north side, and the entrance at the Stern spur.

Routes through the park: the paths have been reorganised to make them accessible for all. An alternative route to the Via Sacra is now available, enabling visitors to reach the main monuments in the Roman Forum (House of the Vestal Virgins, Temple of Romulus, Lacus Iuturnae, Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Piazza del Foro, Curia). Reaching the summit of the Palatine Hill, though not particularly difficult, is currently still conditioned, except for some short stretches, by the steeply sloping paths and irregular paving. The changes are expected to increase the overall length of the paths accessible to everyone from 1.5 to 2.0 kilometres.

Inside the Colosseum there is a marked route for all, which covers most of the first level and, thanks to the presence of elevators specially for visitors with mobility difficulties, the whole surface of the second level.

Elevators: the accessible routes in the Roman Forum and on the Palatine include an elevator at the entrance to the Salara Vecchia and an elevating platform at the Arch of Titus, while an elevator for people with mobility difficulties connects the first and second levels of the Colosseum. Installation of a link to the higher levels will be completed in 2019 financed by fundraising activities.

Audio guides: edited by Electa. Audioguides in LIS and ASL are available in the Colosseum.

Tactile panels: there are tactile panels, accessible to all, in the Roman Forum (3), on the Palatine Hill (3), inside the Museo del Palatino (4) and the Colosseum (1). The panels recount the history and the architectural development of the neighbourhoods and buildings in different places, in a timeline revealing the changes that took place over a very long period.

Radioguide with braille keyboard: the service is being installed.       

Availability of wheelchairs: the service is being installed for the Roman Forum-Palatine Hill. On the first level of the Colosseum, 3 wheelchairs are available at the reception and security office.

Guided tours in LIS, ASL and IS: the service is being installed.